Overall Experience Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Pflugerville-Stone Hill Town Center

5 rating

Greatest haircut ever!!!! Eva P is the best!!! Thank you, JH Copeland

1 rating

Come on now guys, this is terrible. I've been coming to this location for quite sometime for a proper "men's" haircut. To me that means a close clean professional cut utilizing shaper shavers and fade up, so I was happy when that happened but was saddened to find out not everyone had a pair, so I wanted to be kind and tip enough for a stylist to buy a pair. Now to my amazement you want to now start charging an extra $10 because it supposedly takes so much longer to use them and more stylists are purchasing them for themselves. Ridiculous! It's barely a difference in time! Who's pocket is this hurting? The stylist or the corporation? I don't consider myself a cheapskate but that's a terrible gouge. For a great haircut I have no problem tipping more than adequate, but when I'm taken advantage of as a customer it pushes me away to another business.

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