HairCut Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Pflugerville-Stone Hill Town Center

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  • 09/06/17
  • Seriously Pissed Off Mom !. Haircut

My 12yr old son is very proud of his hair and loves coming to Sport Clips... until yesterday. He has a part trimmed in his hair, various stylists have wavered on its placement and he has some hairs growing in from a previous adjustment in placement. It was not noticeable because my son has thick hair but it was going to be a bit of a styling issue as they got longer and stuck up. But noting a little gel can't handle. It would all grow out soon, and really wasn't noticeable at all. He stylist yesterday, Micky, decided to fix this non-problem by cutting a 1/2" wide part!!!!! I paid without looking at my son's head too closely. When I looked up I saw the look on his face and the beginning of tears in his eyes. I saw the horrifyingly wide part and looked at the stylist and asked her what the hell happened. She tried to justify it like making something wider is ever a solution. I paid in full and even tipped 20% #$%^&. My son was mortified and I needed to get him out of there before embarrassing him more. I am so livid that any trained stylist would think this is the solution. He is in 6th grade and has to now go to school with a 1/2" wide part. He loves school and doesn't want to go back... so thanks for that!

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wait time was short. Stylist was quick and cut my hair(women's cut, medium length hair) exactly as I requested. Very pleased with results.

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